Forover thirty years, Blanchard & Company had been operating a greatbusiness in the precious metal industry. Because it has been in thisindustry for a long time, this company is sought as a pioneer in thegold legalization movement. The founder, James U. Blanchard IIImanaged to allow America to obtain the rights in restoring theability to invest in gold and holding the rights to it. Creditsshould be given to James Blanchard for the outcome of his actions inthe past.

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Wheneverresearching for a good company especially when making a decision toinvest in precious metals, always be aware of the company’s websitelinks on their homepage. Always check if there is any links thatleads to other authority sites. This is because companies that has agood reputation in the industry would be proud of their businessstandards and have them as a display on their homepage.

Suchauthority sites like Better Business Bureau, gives reviews andrankings on companies. Blanchard & Company displays a copy ofBBB;s reviews, rankings and links on their website as a way ofannouncing to visitors that they have a great reputation in theindustry. Since 1982, Blanchard & Company have been accreditedwith BBB. Their Reliability Report & Review with the BusinessConsumer Alliance (BCA) only has this BBB rating.

Althoughthis precious metal company has an A+ ranking, this does not meanthat there is no complaints in their services. Within the last threeyears, there has been a total of 14 closed complaints with the BBB. During the period of the last three months, three of the complaintswere closed.

Thesecomplaints were based on the sales, customer services, products aswell as the bill transactions. There are other companies in the sameindustry that has also obtained the same A+ ranking by BBB. Comparingto Blanchard, they have lesser complaints made against them.

Thereare other companies like Blanchard in this industry that achieved thesame ranking by BBB and were reviewed to be of higher value than it. One example is our Top Choice For 2014 that has an AAA rating withthe Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

Eventhough we could not find any reviews on Blanchard at TrustLink, has listed a negative review. The review was theonly one that was found in the last three years. The clientcomplained because he felt that he was being overcharged for hispurchase of gold coins.

Totest and find out the rate of their customer service, we gave a callto Blanchard. We found that the service phone line that they offer tocustomers and prospective customers were knowledgeable as well asprofessional.

Ourconclusion for Blanchard Company is that they have held a very decentreputation over the years. Throughout their service, there has beenlittle amount of complaints against them. They have held a greatbusiness figure and clients that are satisfied with their service.