Is the growing US debt, the devaluation of the dollar, and the inefficiency of the government stressing you? Numerous Americans do not manage to diversify and maintain their funds in solid, secure accounts, even though they plan their future with much care. Learning how to protect your assets from the dangerous surrounding the stock market and understand how inflation may affect your savings can be considered two of the most important components of the planning process.

Not all people have decided how to start their investment process, even though precious metals are in trend right now. We highly advise you to find and work with a top rated gold IRA company that may walk you through the process from start to finish, if you really want to protect your portfolio against economic uncertainty.

Locating the best company for your gold IRA rollover

Instead of relying on conversation, you need to put your trust in documentation. All the best gold IRA companies have been reviewed by our website. The consumer scrutiny, online reputation and protection agency reviews, expert analysis, and a comparison of websites, costs and fees are just some of the aspects that we have considered in our choices. The results positioned Regal Asset on the top of the choices for this year. Here are some reasons why you should select this company:


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1. The BCA has rated this company with AAA and BBB has rated it with A+

2.  All TrustLink customer reviews have rated the company with 5 out of 5 ratings.

3. The company also feature a really low complains/positive review ratio.

4. Important finance magazines have decided to feature Regal Asset in their reports. While Inc. Magazine rated Regal Assets as number 20 in the nation for its services, Forbes decided to feature the company in its Investment Guide for 2013.

5. After some intense research, we have concluded the fact that this company features the best storage, lowest fees, and fastest shipping process out of their competition.

Invest in a gold IRA rollover by following these three basic steps

1. Create a self-directed IRA with the help of an experienced custodian

2. Buy gold that is approved by the IRS.

3. Store your gold safely in a gold vault or depository.

Regardless of the company you select to collaborate with, you have to implement these three steps. There are some concerns related to these questions, even though they might seem simple enough. One of these concerns may be related to finding the proper depository and the most efficient custodian. However, the company is able to easily guide you down step two and step three if you find a custodian in one step. Discovering a custodian to handle your investments may be the main decision. You can obtain the necessary knowledge to advance in the process with the help of an expert and with the information displayed on this website.

reviewWhat to consider when searching for a custodian

In order to discover if a custodian can protect your assets effectively, he needs to possess several key components. Instead of using a newcomer in the industry, you need to search for an experienced company. The company should also include a generous amount of accessible and positive client feedback. The proper locations to analyze these feedbacks would be The Business Consumer Alliance or the BCA AND THE Better Business Bureau. These institutions possess records of all client complaints, apart from hosting positive reviews.

You need to search for real proof that a custodian has tried to address the issues stated in the complaints and to provide them with efficient solutions. Avoid all custodians that do not help their clients. Besides the fact that they will not be able to offer complete transparency for their clients, these companies will never discover their problems within their operations. Regal Assets is clearly devoted to maintain optimal satisfaction levels since it includes only three complaints.

Finding custodians that have a great range of investment opportunities for their clients is also beneficial. Creating a solid retirement portfolio is easier in this way. Combining both stocks and precious metals into an IRA is an ability that is attributed to the custodian that can also locate asset in real estate or stocks.   

Being aware of the market and its continual state of flux is one of the most important characteristics that a custodian can have. Custodians are able to pass on appropriate information and educational resources to their customers much easier if they follow the market constantly. Moreover, such custodians can help clients make informed decisions that are guaranteed to benefit them over the long term.

Finding a gold IRA company


Using the web to search for gold brokers and custodians is the easiest way to start your search for a gold IRA company. Once you have created a list of established entities to work with, you can start using various watchdog organizations, like the BBB and BCA to understand more about how they performed in the past and the reviews of other customers.

When starting this particular research, the investors have to monitor the number of red flags. Aggressive marketing techniques that force you to take on financial products that are not proved to be effective should be avoided at all costs. Since they are not suitable for most investment plans and tend to be overprices in comparison to their actual long term value, you need to avoid investing in coins. The best choice of investing in gold would be to search for gold bullion.

Possessing individual and integrated solutions available for each client is usually a feature of an ideal gold IRA company. When it comes to a gold IRA rollover, you need to know that there is no such thing as one-size-fits all technique. Taking care of the individual needs of every customer and possessing adequate resources for ensuring that each person is obtaining what he or she needs are attributes of a good company.

You can secure a gold IRA rollover much easier with Regal Asset

Regal Asset is viewed as one of the most reliable provider in the gold IRA rollover industry due to a couple of reasons. Simplifying the gold IRA rollover process and making it accessible for any kind of investor would be one of these reasons. Besides purchasing your gold, they will also accomplish responsibilities of trusted custodian and even provide secure and segregated storage in a depository for your gold. A big part of the confusion is eliminated from the process in this way. You will not have to examine other companies for different tasks related with gold IRA investments since everything is centralized.

What sets Regal Assets apart from other similar services?

This company is viewed as being a standout business in this domain due to different service features. Numerous financial magazines and other related publications have decided to publish the amazing features offered by Regal Assets. Regal Assets has constantly demonstrated that it is be best company in terms of shipping processes and storage and fee schedules.

Processing times

If you examine the industry, you will not find another company that works with fully electronic operations. When creating a gold IRA rollover, the clients won`t have to manually sign documents. Regal Assets can conduct gold IRA transfers in the shortest possible time because they can avoid numerous problems with the electronic process. It may take only one full business day for Regal Assess to create a new gold IRA account. It can also take just 2 days to transfer fund requests from custodians. Establishing a new gold IRA account may take up to 5 business days for other companies. It can take up to three months to complete requested fund transfers for a company that does not include fully electronic operations. You know how frustrating it can be to wait that long.

Use Regal Assets to save money

By offering to cover all of its clients` first year dues for their gold IRA rollover accounts, Regal Assets shows its commitment to the success of its investors. You can save up to $500 by these options. When you work with other custodians, you will have to pay these expenses from your own pocket. This company is also popular for having the lowest prices out there, apart from absorbing these initial costs. These are practically the main problems that clients complain about when filling or posting service related complaints about other companies.

Regardless of your account value, you will have to pay only $250 per year for every gold IRA retirement account if you choose Regal Assets. You will never be penalized if you grow. You will just have to pay $150 for segregated storage for precious metals and $100 for account administration. You will have to use the company two years in a row to receive the first bill for your services, which will amount $250. The charges increase as the value of your portfolio increases as well since many of the competitors fees were declared scalable. Regal Asset is also easier to use compared to other companies. Numerous hidden charges and claims of misleading surround other similar companies. Since they make their storage and admin fees simple, we can say that Regal Assets avoid these types of issues.

Obtain maximum security

Regal Assets includes a segregated storage that is done through Brinks. What is amazing is that this is the sole company that includes this feature for a low annual fee. Other companies do not even offer segregated storage and they impose high fees right from the start.

Regal Assets is also highly respects due to its level of transparency, low prices and devotion to customer satisfaction. People can take all their retirement features in their own hands with the help of this company. If you have any question regarding their services, you can always rely on the customer support service included in the company. You will never encounter any problems when you want to receive a timely and wholly satisfactory reply.

You have the opportunity to increase your control and the number of options in how you diversify your investment portfolios with a gold IRA rollover account. Recognizing all the available advantages is possible only when you select the right professionals to work with. Consumers should be kept abreast of how changes can affect their finances and how they can best control their portfolios to reflect new needs and trends since the market is constantly changing. People can understand the topics that are discussed on financial programs or in popular financial publications much clearer if they request the assistance of Regal Assets representatives.

You can ask for a free gold investor kit from Regal Assets if you want to start on this road. You can also obtain more information regarding the benefits of using a gold IRA rollover to bolster your financial future if you discuss with the company`s representatives. By using a trusted entity such as Regal Assets, you can move closer to a long-term financial health when you are pursuing a gold IRA account.